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2017-18 Course Guide

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Business Education

The Business Department is now offering a sequence for which students can earn an advanced Regents diploma in business. To complete the sequence, a student must take and pass Accounting I, Business Law, Principles of Marketing, Personal Finance, and Careers and Financial Management. University in the High School credits may be earned for some of these courses.

Accounting I (CHS) (4 College Credits)

Prerequisite – None
1 Year – 1 Credit
Grades 10-12

Accounting is the language of business. Students planning to major in business or a related field in college, will need to learn to “speak the language.” This course will provide students with entry level job skills (bank teller, bookkeeper, accounting clerk etc.) as well as personal use skills such as maintaining and balancing a personal checkbook and debit card, understanding payroll procedures and preparing income tax returns. Students will learn accounting concepts and procedures by working through a complete accounting cycle for both a sole proprietorship service business and a corporation merchandising business.

Business Law

Prerequisite – None
1 Year – 1 Credit
Grades 11-12

The Business Law course will teach students about the criminal justice system and how it all began. Emphasis is on law as individuals may encounter it in business, occupational, or personal life. By studying true situations and cases, learn how business and personal law impacts the personal lives of young people and adults. Modules include ethics in law, tort or civil law, criminal law, the court system, personal injury law, insurance, contracts, real property, laws of minors, and family law. Mock trials will be conducted during this course.

Career and Financial Management

Prerequisite – None
 ½ Year – ½ Credit
Grade 10

The Career and Financial Management course will enable students to explore a variety of careers and learn critical skills to be career and college ready after high school. Students will utilize the guidance program Naviance to explore different career options and identify the training, skills and post-secondary education that will be required to be successful in that field. Additionally students will explore independent financial management to learn to efficiently handle personal finance and consumption expenditures.

Personal Finance

Prerequisite – None
1 Year – 1 Credit
Grades 11-12

The Personal Finance course will provide students with the background and attitudes essential for making good financial decisions both now and in the future. The course begins with a unit on financial planning, including budgeting, and career planning. Information on banking, credit cards, checking accounts, investing, income taxes, insurance, and understanding paycheck deductions will be covered. A project will be done on purchasing an automobile, funding college, and renting an apartment. The class will participate in the “stockmarket game,” competing with students from schools across the country.

Principles of Marketing (CHS ) (3 College Credits)

Prerequisite – None
1 Year – 1 Credit
Grades 10-12

This course introduces students to the important role that marketing plays in our economic system. Content revolves around the basic marketing function. Selling, promotion, pricing, purchasing, product, service, idea planning, and distribution are covered. Projects are developed to give students hands-on experience using these functions. Students will “create” their own products, design a radio commercial, logos, slogans and jingles as well as create a television commercial.


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Department Coordinators

  • English, 9-12:
    Kevin Curtin x3510
  • Math, 9-12:
    Natalie Casalinuovo x3504
  • Music, K-12"
    Mike Christy x3021
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    Becky Remis x3560
  • Social Studies:
    9-12 Adam Dolan x3521
  • Foreign Language 7-12:
    Fred Orlando x3529

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