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2017-18 Course Guide

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Art courses are available for students with an interest in majoring in art and those who desire to take one or two introductory courses in the field.

Studio in Art

Prerequisite – None
1 Year – 1 Credit
Grades 9-12

Studio in Art is a comprehensive, full-year course that includes art production (making art in various forms), art history, and art criticism. Students will explore techniques used in various forms of drawing, painting, sculpture, and design. This course may be used to satisfy the art/music requirement for graduating high school. This course must be completed before taking any other art elective.

Sculpture I

Prerequisite – Studio in Art
1 Year – 1 Credit
Grades 10-12

Students will explore three-dimensional art forms and work with a variety of media: clay, plaster, wood, metal, and stone. Students will learn to construct, mold, model and manipulate various materials into a completed art work. Artists of the past and present will be discussed as they relate to various projects.

Sculpture II/III

Prerequisite – Studio in Art, Sculpture I
1 Year – 1 Credit
Grades 11-12

Students in Sculpture II/III will explore more advanced techniques and materials related to three-dimensional art forms.

Digital Photography

Prerequisite – Studio in Art
1 Year – 1 Credit
Grades 11-12

Digital photography incorporates the fundamentals of film photography and the advancements of today’s technology. Students will learn the features of the camera, how to compose and shoot interesting photographs, and how to manipulate and edit photos using software. The course covers the history of photography, the different types of professional photography and highlights famous photographers who have made a significant contribution to photography.

College Drawing (3 College Credits)

Prerequisite – Studio in Art
½ Year – ½ Credit
Grades 11-12

College Drawing is a half year course that focuses on both the development of drawing skills and the understanding of drawing through time. The course follows the curriculum of SCCC’s Drawing 101 class. Upon successful completion, students will earn three college credits. The course requires students to develop a 12 piece portfolio and a written final critique of a drawing.

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Department Coordinators

  • English, 9-12:
    Kevin Curtin x3510
  • Math, 9-12:
    Natalie Casalinuovo x3504
  • Music, K-12"
    Mike Christy x3021
  • Science, 9-12:
    Becky Remis x3560
  • Social Studies:
    9-12 Adam Dolan x3521
  • Foreign Language 7-12:
    Fred Orlando x3529

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