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middle school attendance policy

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Importance of Regular and Punctual Attendance

Good attendance and success in schoolwork go together. Students should make every effort to maintain a good attendance record. Parents are requested, where possible, to avoid making appointments for students during school hours. If it is necessary for a student to be absent more than one day, parents are requested to call the nurse’s office.

Regarding attendance, the Board of Education has adopted the following policy:

The Board of Education requires that a student must be in attendance a minimum of four-fifths of the number of days school is in session. For purposes of this policy, students will be considered in attendance
while participating in school-sponsored activities.

1. A student missing more than twenty percent (36 days for a full year, 18 for a half-year course) of the number of days a class is in session will lose all credit.

Elementary and middle school students who are absent more than one-fifth of the days classes are in session, will repeat the school year, or attend a summer school program. Parents are also required to send in written excuses for all absences. Absences are defined as follows:

a. Legal – due to sickness, etc.

b. Illegal

• “UNLAWFUL DETENTION” occurs when a pupil is absent from school with the knowledge and consent, stated or implied, or his/her parent for reason other than legal.

• “TRUANCY” – occurs when a student is sent to school and his/her parents expect him to be in school. If that pupil does not attend for other than lawful reasons, he/she is truant.

c. In the event of a prolonged illness where a student will be absent for more than 10 days, that student will receive home teaching and will be considered in attendance. Parents should contact their child’s guidance counselor to initiate home teaching.


2. Students who arrive late to school three times in one month receive After School Detention (illegal reason). Students arriving late in excess of five days will receive In-School Suspension (ISS).


A student’s grade should reflect the quality of his/her class work, tests and examinations. It should not be changed because of lateness to class or days missed because of illness. However, any student who is truant, cuts class, or misses a quiz due to illegal lateness, is subject to a “zero” grade regardless of work handed in or performed in class that day. You will be assigned a homeroom. Homerooms open at 7:38 a.m. This room will be your “home base” at the beginning of each school day. The Pledge of Allegiance, attendance and daily announcements occur during the homeroom period.